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Thank you for the wonderful service you provide to enable parents to help keep our children safe and to understand them, at an age when communication tends to break down. It will enable us to keep talking with our kids.
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Features List

Parent Tools comes loaded with powerful tools to monitor all chat and instant message conversations from any screen name on your computer. All the conversations are saved, hidden, compressed, and encrypted for maximum security. In other words, nobody searching the hard drive will ever stumble across the saved logs. They are only accessible after signing into the Parent Tools for AIM program.
This program can be hidden. Simply by checking a box you can remove the Parent Tools for AIM icons while the program is running and hide it from all visibility.
This feature allows you to set time limits for all screen names or create different limits for each different screen name on your computer. Users can receive optional 5 minute and 1 minute warnings before they are signed off of AIM. These limits can be adjusted at your discretion.
Create schedules for all screen names so they can only sign on at your specified times. If users try to access AIM during a restricted time they will receive an optional pop up informing them that they donít have access at that time.
This feature enables you to block any screen name from contacting anyone using AIM on your computer. It stops IMs from being sent to or received from disabled names by immediately closing the screen.
Block out chat rooms containing objectionable words or phrases. When a user tried to access a blocked chat room it will immediately close and they will receive an optional pop up stating that access to that chat room has been disabled.
With this tool you have the ability to disable incoming and outgoing chat invitations, the instant message "Direct Connect" feature, and the IM Talk features built into AIM. When an attempt is made to use any of these features an optional pop up is shown informing the users of their limited access.
No need to worry, Parent Tools has several safeguards to hinder anyone attempting to shut off the software without a password. This comes built in, so thereís no set up required.
The process is simplified with our helpful set-up wizard. Youíll be up and running with no hassle or stress in a matter of minutes!
The control panel window has a help button on the top, left portion of the screen. If youíre ever confused about any of the Parent Tools features you donít need to write in to tech support. All you have to do is press the ? button and your curser will become a pointer with a question mark next to it. Click the item in question to learn all about the feature and how it works!
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  Awards and Accolades
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